Are you experiencing fatigue?

There is one common complaint I hear from 97% of my clients and athletes and this is low energy or fatigue. This is a major issue and really hinders our ability to perform in our training and in our home and work life. When we think about energy and performance, we must talk about energy availability. What happens for a lot of people when they experience fatigue, is they experience low energy availability, in other words, they do not have energy to do a task/job/activity the way they should be able to. The body is tapped out.

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No Period?

**This one is all about the female reproductive system. This does not mean boys/men should stop
reading… getting support is important for recovery and this is an important piece for male coaches, teammates and support staff to understand. **

Are you missing your period? Are you an athlete who has been told that it is normal to not have your period while training? Ready to have a baby but your period is still missing and you don’t understand why? You may be loving aspects of not having your cycle because it means no cramps and less mess. Please hold off on those party balloons, as not having your cycle has some serious health repercussions, one important one being fertility.

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Pumpkin Blender Muffins

I am back… FINALLY!!!! Thank you for your continued patience and support as I took time off this summer. As I gear back up, playing catch up and getting back in to the swing of full-time work as an entrepreneur/business owner, I have grown an appreciation for quick snack recipes. Eating on the go can be a major challenge and something that many of us must deal with. The key to eating WELL on the go is to plan ahead and have some balanced go-to snack options. When I say a balanced snack, I mean pairing a carbohydrate containing food (grain, veg, fruit, milk or milk alternative) with a protein containing food (milk or milk alternative or meat or meat alternative). By pairing these types of foods up, you slow down digestion and spread protein intake out throughout the day to ensure you have it available as a building block when needed (such as recovery from training or workouts). Muffins can be a great snack option when the muffin is homemade, and you pair it up with a protein source like cheese, nut butter or a glass of milk.

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Let’s Talk Fertility & Diet

Let’s be brave and talk fertility. This is NOT an easy topic for most people, let alone someone who has unexplained infertility, is undergoing fertility treatments or has experienced loss along the way. As women, fertility can be a part of what makes us feel like we have succeeded as women, it’s a part of our womanhood. Even as young girls, we start to pretend we are moms, caring for our dolls as we see our moms care for our siblings. I am not saying even women feels this and that is 100% cool; but for those of us who have dreamt of holding our baby girl/boy for the first time, the desire to get pregnant is strong once you are ready to have a baby. You are desperate to try anything and everything that will increase your chances of getting pregnant and give you some sort of control. 15-30% of couples face unexplained fertility (that number is HUGE!). This means, you are NOT alone if you can relate to anything I am saying. You are also are definitely not alone if you have already started eating some foods daily or in excess in the hopes that it may improve fertility.

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Berry Breakfast Oat Bars

I have shared on my Instagram page that my daughter has a soy and dairy allergy. We learned this after a trip to the ER with her at 3 months old. The options for this type of allergy at this young of an age are to start her on a hydrolyzed formula (which smells and tastes pretty nasty) or for mom to cut out soy and dairy from her diet to keep breastfeeding. I decided I was up to the challenge of cutting out dairy and soy from my diet as my daughter was an awesome feeder, and I really did not want to spend the money on formula. Although I may be the ‘ideal’ person to have to deal with such a major change to my diet as a dietitian, I found it very difficult in the beginning. I was having to read every single food label extremely closely, while keeping the list of hidden words for soy and dairy open on my phone. It was time consuming to say the least. I also could not just eat out anywhere or trust that others would know how to cook for me. I have learned first hand just how challenging and isolating allergies can be!

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Alison Friesen, BSc, RD is a Registered Dietitian-Nutrition consultant from Saskatoon working in the areas of sport, women’s health and disordered eating. She also is a ‘retired’ athlete herself, drawing on her experiences as an athlete who struggled with disordered eating to support clients in achieving their goals. Every individual comes with a unique history or story and their process to achieving performance and health is unique to them. Alison walks alongside her clients on this process providing them with tools and support to achieve their success.

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